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5 Ways to Prepare For a Hurricane

Hurricane season can be daunting, but here at Elite, WE’RE HERE to help you prepare! Living in Florida, it’s easy to overlook a potential storm but with proper preparation, you won’t have to fret. Follow these FIVE steps to get your home and loved ones in order for any possible weather. We’re here to help you POWER through this hurricane season!

1. Make An Emergency Disaster Family-Plan

Having an emergency disaster plan prepared for you and your loved ones is crucial in the event of a natural disaster. Being prepared can help alleviate some of the fear and anxiety that accompanies disasters.

2. Stock-Up On Supplies - Food, Batteries, Water, Medicine, & Important Documents

The CDC recommends having a nonperishable food and water supply for up to three days in the event a disaster strikes. It is also important to have any medications and documentation in a water-proof container. 

3. Fill Your Gas Tank In-Case Of Emergency Evacuation

During natural disasters, it is pivotal to listen to local evacuation orders. However, it is best to prepare yourself for the event of an evacuation before one occurs. Filling your car up with gas is an easy way to be one step ahead of the storm. 

4. Prepare The Exterior Of Your Home

Preparing the exterior of your home to brace the hurricane will increase your safety inside! Bringing in outdoor furniture and loose items, and boarding up windows with plywood are all beneficial measures to take. It is also critical to check the carbon monoxide detector within your home to prevent CO2 poisoning. 

5. Invest In A Whole-Home Generator

Investing in a whole-home generator from Elite will prevent your home from losing power during any natural disaster. A generator will ensure that your perishable food items won’t spoil, and it has the potential to increase the value of your home! 


As hurricane season approaches you can now prepare the ELITE way BEFORE the next storm is announced without making any common mistakes. If you’re ready to take the next step in hurricane preparation today call Elite today at (772) 362-9860 or go to to schedule your estimate.

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