5 Hurricane Tips Every Floridian Needs To Know

5 Hurricane Tips Every Floridian Needs To Know

There are many things to consider when preparing your home for a hurricane. While there’s never a good time to start the process, it’s VERY important, especially living in Florida, that homeowners are doing all they can to stay prepared. Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind as the season progresses.

Always have a first aid kit.

This should go without saying, but a first aid kit should ALWAYS be an essential supply in your home. You NEVER know when you’ll need something from this preparedness kit, especially when the unknown lies ahead.

Invest in a generator.

A generator can be the ultimate lifesaver for your home during a disaster. This can help your home not only continue power but can also preserve the groceries in your refrigerator, keep your HVAC system running, allow you to charge electronics and so much more.

Keep two cases of water in your home at all times.

We know the panic that instills across the board when the possibility of a hurricane is in the near future. Having at least two cases of water in your home at all times is a great tip year-round! Water sometimes can take YEARS before it expires, so it won’t hurt to add “water” to your grocery store list this hurricane season.

Check your home’s electrical systems. 

Making sure your breaker box, internal & external wires, and other electrical systems are in check will give you peace of mind during the aftermath of a storm. See HERE how we can make sure your electricity is set for the season.

Stay informed.

Continuing to stay informed by checking your local and national weather alerts, listening to local officials, and keeping up with the latest news is a sure way to stay in the know during an unpredictable time. 


If you have more questions in regards to your home’s electric, generator options or other ways to prepare your home for a hurricane, give our ELITE team a call at (772) 783-4480 and we’ll be here for you from start to finish.


Quick Tips To Keep Your A/C In Shape This Season

Quick Tips To Keep Your A/C In Shape This Season

Everyone who lives in South Florida knows that our summers are HOT. Stay on top of your A/C maintenance now so you don’t experience a costly and untimely breakdown later! Here are some quick tips to make sure your A/C stays in shape this season…

Change Your Air Filters

A clogged air filter will significantly lower the level of comfort you can experience from your cooling system. Dust and other debris accumulate, preventing some air from flowing through. In order to stop this, it’s important to inspect your air filters once a month and replace them every 90 days.

Weatherize Your Home

Air leaks in your home will cause your cool air to slip outside, making your home warmer than it should be. Weather stripping and caulking are easy ways to insulate entry ways that are susceptible to this, such as doorways and windows!

Install A Programmable Thermostat

Even though homeowners may be out of their house during the day, most comfort systems cool at full-strength all day long! As it gets hotter in the summer, this constant cooling will put more strain on your system.  With programmable thermostats, you can set a higher temperature during the day and have your comfort system cooling again before you get home.

Inspect Your Refrigerant Lines

If the insulation on your refrigerant line begins to wear off, the system will become less energy-efficient. On your own, you can check these to make sure they are in good shape. If the insulation is worn down, you can easily replace these lines!

Schedule a Tune-Up

Staying on top of regular HVAC maintenance will ALWAYS be the best way to ensure that your system is in tip-top shape and ready for summer! This is an affordable way to have a certified technician test your parts, clean up the system and alert you if there are any potential issues!

Call Elite Electric & Air TODAY at so you can top performance from your HVAC system to get you through a hot, Florida summer! Give our ELITE team a call at (772) 783-4480 and we’ll give you the service you deserve!


How A Tune-Up Will SAVE Your Summer

How A Tune-Up Will SAVE Your Summer

In the middle of our HOT Florida summers, the worst thing that could happen is an HVAC breakdown! Just like you maintain your car to keep it running smoothly, you should maintain your cooling system. The good news is – with regularly scheduled tune-ups, you will significantly decrease the chances of experiencing any unexpected repairs or total breakdowns!

Longer Lifespan

It’s easy for normal wear and tear to build up and cause damage to your system. It may continue to function for a while but even minor problems will eventually wear the system down, requiring you to replace it earlier than expected. When the inside is cleaned out and your parts are tuned-up regularly, your cooling system will efficiently add comfort and cool air to your home for a longer amount of time.

Easier Repairs

A tune-up can uncover other parts of your system that need to be readjusted, repaired or replaced. This is good for homeowners because a technician is already at your home working on your system, and these repairs can then be completed very easily. Without a tune-up, you’ll eventually just notice that something is wrong with your system because it’s not giving you the same level of comfort as it usually does. In this case, the issue would have lingered longer and cause more damage to other parts of your system.

Air Quality

Tune-ups even help to improve your home’s air quality. All of the grime within your system will be cleaned out and your air filter will be replaced. When the inside is cleaned, your cooling system will run more effectively when it comes to limiting humidity and achieving your desired temperature. Air filters can accumulate dust and other debris, so cleaning or replacing these is necessary because, if you don’t, all of your home’s air will be forced to pass through this build up.


When you book a tune-up, the services are happening on your schedule. When you skip your tune-up and your system breaks down, you’re forced to work on your system’s schedule. Calling out of work to wait for a last minute repair in a toasty home is not how anyone wants to spend a hot summer day. Planning ahead by scheduling a tune-up will ensure that your system is in tip-top shape for the hot, summer season!


Fortunately, tune-ups are pretty affordable when it comes to HVAC systems whereas repairs and replacement can be costly. Tune-ups are a great way to discover minor issues early on and can prevent major repairs. Even if something with your system is off, you will be able to remedy these for a much lower cost if it is discovered during routine maintenance opposed to if it has already begun affecting your cooling system’s performance.

SAVE your summer by scheduling your routine tune-up today! Give us a call at Elite Electric & Air at (772) 783-4480 and our ELITE team will give you the service you deserve!