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How The Florida Heat Affects Your A/C System

Living in Florida allows you to stay warm just about year-round, but when those hot summer months hit, you sometimes wish you could escape it. Being able to rest comfortably in your home on a hot summer day is important to any Florida homeowner, but sometimes it feels impossible. What actually happens to your A/C system when it gets hot outside? Here are some of the ways the brutal Florida heat affects your A/C system. 

Higher Cooling Bills

When the temperature outside rises, so does your cooling bills. In this Florida heat, it is hard to avoid. When your home is set at 75 °F but it is 95°F outside, your system is continuously running trying to cool your home, which in turn, provides you with a higher cooling bill. It is important that during those brutal months of direct heat, we prepare our A/C systems for it.

System Works Extra Hard

Normally your system trades hot air with cooler air. Now that it is hot, it has two warm environments to work through. Rejecting the heat from coming back in is why your system has to work double as hard. This is especially tough because your system is trying so hard to cool down your home.

Added Humidity

Florida’s hot summers hit your house and then they bring the humidity. When it gets humid, your system has to fight moist and damp air to keep your home cool. With clammy air in your home, it becomes uncomfortable and oftentimes unbearable. You will easily notice its effects such as sweating, clammy skin, and even frizzy hair. This constant feeling is not ideal and can lead to some uncomfortable situations inside your home.

Extra Strain To Your System

With your system continuously running, added humidity as a factor, and working double as hard, you can only imagine the strain this will put on your system. It is important to book your A/C tune-up NOW so you can prepare for the added strain your system may experience during our summer months, so you can GUARANTEE your home will stay cool when we start hitting 98 degree days!  

The Florida heat is no joke and having your A/C system run as it should  is important for a comfortable home. Get an A/C tune up today to make sure your unit can endure the HEAT approaching this summer. Contact Elite Electric & Air at 772-783-4480 to schedule an appointment or go to book online! 

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