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Why A/C Tune-Ups Are Worth It

Our A/C units are important parts of our home that deserve the best treatment. Keeping your home comfortable is a desired interest with the warmer spring and summer months approaching. Getting an A/C tune-up can keep your system in check, and who wouldn’t want that?! Here are some of the reasons why booking your service NOW is worth it. 

Decreased Energy Bills

Cooling bills can be costly in your home during the warmer months, and there could be an underlying reason behind it. If your system is not running as efficiently, you can expect to receive higher than average utility bills. An A/C tune-up will help resolve problems, making your system run more efficiently which will in turn decrease your bills.

Increased Energy Efficiency

When you neglect to service your A/C system, it can collect dirt and debris, which will cause your system to work harder just to keep you cool. This strains your system and can deteriorate its proper function. An A/C tune-up can uncover issues and solve them in the process, making the system more efficient. Also, it can help your system’s efficiency in preparation of the  warm months ahead and give you more control over the temperature in your home.

Preventative Maintenance

While getting an A/C tune-up, the technician will look for any current issues. Whether you detected something wrong or the technician found a new arising issue, it can be resolved. Preventing a smaller issue from becoming a bigger problem in the future will help reduce unwanted repairs during the summer. Cleaning coils and removing dirt and debris are just some of the things that can be remedied while checking on your A/C unit. It is similar to going to the doctor or dentist – they can find current issues and correct problems they see arising in the future.

Preventative Maintenance

Having increased energy efficiency and taking care of your system with maintenance both lead to an extended lifespan. Most A/C units have a regular lifespan of 10-15 years but can be less or more depending on how they are taken care of. Keeping up with maintenance, like an annual A/C tune-up, can increase the lifespan of your system. By minimizing extra work on a system, it can help it to last longer! By ignoring an A/C tune-up the issues will catch up and in turn cause you to get a new unit sooner than you wanted.

Reviewing the benefits of what an A/C tune-up can do for your home is something to keep in mind. To avoid all unwanted issues, present or future, consider getting an A/C tune-up. Contact Elite Air to schedule yours today at 772-783-4480 or book online at!

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